Just curious how everyone else feels about this…

So, this morning I was doing my usual GR reviews reading, I saw a book I thought I maybe-kinda-sorta would like and marked it as ‘to-read.’ At around noon I got a message from the author of that ‘to-read’ book, he wrote (paraphrasing) :  Rita, thanks for marking my book as ‘to-read,’ you made my day. Blah, blah, how did you hear of my book? Blah, blah. You can buy it here: link.




To be fair, besides it being a ‘form-letter’ the note was very nice, had a little bit of self-deprecating humor and a warning that the book can be gory, which was kinda cute—but overall the note made me feel … put on the spot.


I responded with: Hi (author’s name), You’re welcome. I found your book by doing bladdidy blah… Btw, do you send this message to everyone who adds your book? If yes, that’s hardcore;), do people usually respond well? I’m just curious. Anyhow, thanks for the thanks. -Rita


Unfortunately, I think the author thought I was hitting on him (poor guy), he responded with a little anecdote about how much his wife loves him and didn’t really answer my question.


The above little story is a pretty extreme example of the “authors reaching out to potential readers” behavior. Mostly I just get ‘friend requests’ from authors, who, if I accept, write me a message like: “Hi, I think you’ll love my memoir about living with drug addicts! Buy it on Amazon!”

Then I’m like: Are the drug addicts…magical? Werewolves? Vaaammmmpppirrrrezzzz? No?

Joking I’m not that big of a jerk. But my point is: the author(s) obviously could give a stinky-poop what my interests are. (For the record: I’m not saying I don’t make my newbie author mistakes!!! I’m sure I do all the time.)


But this morning’s experience made me wonder: do people like authors to reach out to them?


I could understand how people would; I could totally picture how cool it would be to have a personal correspondence with one’s potentially-favorite-author, for some…


…not me…but I admit I’m pretty socially inept; if I wrote a memoir it’d probably be titled something like: “500 days of AWKWARD.” Perhaps all the socially competent people of the world enjoy this author sales-messaging.


Question: Do you like it when authors reach out to you (by befriending you and/or sending you sales-messages, etc.)? Do you like to have author-initiated personal correspondence with authors? Any stories you want to share?


Just curious how everyone else feels…


2 thoughts on “Just curious how everyone else feels about this…

  1. thesity2012 says:

    Thanks for this posting!
    As a fellow author, I never reach out to potential readers this way. It just seems a little stalker-ish. When promoting my book, I try to put myself in the shoes of readers. Would I want someone I don’t know contacting me like this. No, I would feel pressured. On Goodreads, I’ve had a few people in different groups say that they refuse to “friend” authors because of this type of behavior. I think that’s sad, because not all authors are just trying to self-promote. One thing I’ve encountered on twitter that I find funny is all the personal messages I’ve gotten. So if another author follows me, I’ll follow them back to be polite. Of course, I’ll then get a message saying “Thanks for the follow. I’m sure you did this because you want to read my book…. Here is the link. I’d love a review.” Don’t they realize they followed me first?
    I do correspond with fans, but only ones who’ve left a review or comment for me on their own initiative. For example, I recently surprised one reader with a signed hardback version of my novel, which made her day. 🙂 and mine of course.

    • Thanks for your reply! I totally agree with you, it’s sad that a person might not “friend” you or me because they think we’ll just be promoting, when a lot of “indie authors” are first and foremost “readers” and just want to be part of that reader-community. I’ve encountered that twitter author response too…that’s funny. Very neat of you to surprise your fan!–I could understand wanting to connect with an author you’re already a big fan of…

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