Poll: Start a book self marketing group chat?

group chat


First, I just want to say thank you to everyone that started following my blog this week after my first vlog episode about marketing self published books (I also really appreciate you bloggers who have been following me for longer too!). I was a little surprised with how many people started following, and it got me thinking that there are a great number of authors out there who are experimenting with different methods of marketing (as I am), and that perhaps authors (and marketing experts if there are any of you reading this) would like to talk to each other and pool ideas.  So, there are links to two polls at the bottom of this blog: the first link will be to see if people would like to start a group chat about self-published book marketing and the second is to see when is the best time for people to have a group chat.

As I said in my vlog, I am no expert. I am a experimenter and marketing on-my-own-student. As such, I watch a lot of youtube videos to find out what other’s know. Like youtube videos on any subject, there is a lot of baloney out there, but when I find anything that seems legit, I’ll try to remember to pass it on here. Here is a GREAT!!!!! video:


Also, here’s a (free) podcast I just started following (seems awesome so far):



Poll: would you join a group chat on book marketing?

Poll: What is the best time for a book marketing group chat?


If you know of a book marketing group chat that already exists, that’s great, feel free to share the information in a comment. However, I think that starting a new group with like-minded people and fresh ideas would be fun and helpful.



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