Audiobook Review: Defects

***** I was given a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review*****

Title: Defects
Author: Sarah Noffke

This audiobook was FANTASTIC!! It just caught me right away and I was addicted! Today was my birthday and my birthday present to myself is I listened to this book all day rather than getting done all the things I really needed to get done around the house. So, wow where to start….

In a place called Austin Valley, there is a cult-like society that really values order and a sort-of rigidity of behavior. This place is ruled by a powerful elite of people who can travel while asleep in a sort of different dimension to places all over the world. But in their society all things are regulated, even where and when they dream travel. Along with being able to travel, almost all of these elites have additional powers like telepathy, pyroconecious (not sure how to spell that) or mind control etc.

Within this elite society is Em:


She’s not like the others, she doesn’t want to fit in or be orderly or well-behaved. Em is also a ‘defect’ meaning that she didn’t get an additional power along with dream-traveling. Basically—her family treats her like trash and she’s looked down at along with having to do daily treatments to try to jumpstart her power.

In comes Rogue:

(Actually, the plot didn’t really have that much in common with The Princess Bride I just really like the giphs.)

Rogue is all the things his name promises. He was Em’s long lost (thought dead) best friend and he shows up back in her life and turns everything upside down. Everything Em believed was a lie and she turns out to be in quite a bit of danger.

The book had non-stop action. While I predicted some of the twists, others were complete surprises.

The only real issue I had was some of the dialogue was really formal, like they would say “I thought you favored him,” and “my beloved…” but I don’t know if the author did this intentionally to illustrate how different their society operated. It pulled me out of the plot a couple times but all-in-all didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the book.

The romance was also just lovely.

The narrator was fantastic also. I could not find fault with her narration, great actress. I bet the book is just as good, also but the narration definitely brought something to my enjoyment of the story. This is definitely woth a buy.


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