Places to Find Cheap or Free Audio Books (legally)

I am not ashamed to admit it, I LOVE audio books. Actually, I’ll buy them over paperbacks a good percentage of the time. They’re convenient, you don’t need to put them down to do mundane chores, and often the narrator brings something special to the story. That said, the downside is that audiobooks are expensive! In a world where you can often get great books for free, great audiobooks usually range in price from ten dollars to forty.

So… yeah, I’ve spent way more time than I want to admit trying to find ways to get great audiobooks for (much) less. Here are a couple places that you can find some steals:

(1) Audio Book Blast
Have you heard of this site? I wish I had much earlier. It’s a site that sends out emails with free audiobooks (in exchange for review) and also informs you when an e-book with a whispersync is going to be free so you can get the whispersync deal. The audiobooks are not all A-quality but there are definitely some gems in there and how can you beat free? You can also look through their recent archives and don’t even need to wait for their emails.

(2) Goodreads Audiobook Group
Already a member on Goodreads? Well, you should check out (and join) this group. There’s a lovely topic called Free Promos For Review where you can get just that. I’ve actually listed a couple of my audio books on there as well as picking up some review copies. The audio books I received were excellent in quality and I was so impressed.

(3) Amazon’s Whispersync Deals

This is the most common way to get great audiobooks cheap, the only problem is that you have to go searching book by book which can be extremely tedious. Here’s a list of some deals that I’m interested in (fair warning, all of them a YA Fantasy I have not listened to any of them!), where the kindle books are free and the Whispersync is only from $1.99 to $3.99

The link: My List

There are hundreds more of these $1.99 for an audiobook deals you just have to be a bit of a detective. Also, sometimes sites like bookbub (and similar) will inform you of free deals and you can find whispersyncs that way.


This is how I feed my addiction without breaking my wallet, please share if you have other methods.



One thought on “Places to Find Cheap or Free Audio Books (legally)

  1. cheapler says:

    Don’t forget Librovox they have a lot of books without copyright. is very good if you are willing to pay a little bit of money…

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