Waltzing into Damnation Cover Reveal

Good Morning Everyone!!

So, I have another cover reveal for you all. Actually, Y. Nikolova at Ammonia Book Covers made me awesome new covers for the entire The Deception Dance Series. I’ll post them all here for you!!

Waltzing into Damnation, the third book in The Deception Dance Series, still does not have a firm publication date, but look for it December to January-ish, or stay tuned for updates on my blog or author site. But, Yay!! it has a cover and a blurb.


And here are the new covers:

The Deception Dance Series

ddseries book1 ebook


ddseries book2 ebookddseries book3 ebook


And here is the blurb for Waltzing into Damnation

When I think about what I’ve already decided to do to defeat Andras and what I’ll have to do to save Stephen, it is almost a comfort to know that no matter what I do in this life, I’ve already been sentenced to Hell. I have been thrust down this dark path and the only light at the end of my tunnel is a fiery demise.

Andras declares that he will come for Raven on the summer solstice.

Raven only has months… then only weeks… to discover how to banish Andras and free Stephen from Andras’ demonic possession. In desperation, Raven, with the help of Cassidy Dixon, summons a greater demon to find answers. The demon reveals that in Raven’s past life as Elena, she had been taught to banish Andras from the body he had then possessed, but she had refused to do it and this was why she had been murdered.

Raven knows that her past life memories are within her, that she’s dreamt them before but has no control over what memories she dreams.

Only the greatest hypnotist can unlock Raven’s past life memories in time, and Cassidy knows where to find her. To reach the hypnotist Raven and Cassidy must board the all demon-infected cruise ship ‘Sanctuary’ before it leaves on a two week cruise around the Panama Canal. But surviving the ship ‘Sanctuary,’ where humans are considered entertainment or dinner, might be as challenging as getting help from the famous and formidable hypnotist herself.

If Raven succeeds to convince the hypnotist to help her, she’ll need to relive every moment of her past-life romance with Andras. She’ll experience exactly why she fell in love with him, why she abandoned her whole life to be with him, why she was willing to die for him.

Then, she’ll banish Andras to Hell.

Because on the summer solstice, Andras vowed that he will find Raven and keep her by his side for the rest of her life.


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