The Fourteen Day Soul Detox, new blurb, Volume 6 and Complete Serial info

Sorry for that whopper of a heading, ha ha!

So, I just wanted to announce that the preorder for The Fourteen Day Soul Detox, Volume Six and The Complete Serial are now both live. Also, The complete serial has a shiny new blurb that I’m going to be providing below.

So . . . bump, bump, bum . . .

Here are the release dates and links:

Volume Six Release Date: February 28th, 2017

Preorder here: Volume Six

The Complete Serial Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Preorder here: The Complete Serial

By the way, the paperback version of The Complete Serial is going to be something like 1,000 + pages. I’ll be holding a giveaway for it soon and if you win I’ll pretty much be sending you a book-brick.

Okay, so here’s the new blurb!

the-fourteen-day-soul-detox-tcs-completeIt’s been one year since my husband Logan died.

For the last eleven months, I’ve hated Logan for how he left me.

For ten months, I’ve worked my ass off to get myself and my daughter out of the debt Logan landed us in, and we’re not close to out.

For eight months, I’ve been sleeping with Logan’s best friend, Cameron.

 I am a f*cking mess.

 On my thirtieth birthday, everything changes. It’s like I wake up, and I don’t want to be me anymore. I give myself fourteen days to fix my life. I commit to one task each day, starting with quitting coffee and ending with breaking it off with Cameron and finding someone who isn’t entrenched in all of the b*llshit, finding a man who’s sweet and safe.

But, my life doesn’t want to let me go. The sweet and safe guy I find isn’t what he seems. The consequences of my husband’s death go deeper than I know. And, there’s a vicious stalker on my trail who believes I need to be punished.

 And, then there’s Cameron.

I should have never slept with him.

Starting up with him was wrong because I knew he loved me since high school.

As my life becomes more and more dangerous, he proves he would do anything to protect me and my daughter.

And, unfortunately, I am undeniably in love with him, too.

But, to move on I have to leave him.

 However, Cameron has no plans to ever let me go.




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