RS Books: updates & more awesome stuff!

Hi guys!

So, I’m really excited to announce that I’m getting together with an awesome group of authors to write a Greek god and goddess romance series! Each book will be by a different author (or authors) and feature a different god or goddess. They each take place in a locations all over the US (and maybe beyond ;), as well. It’s already turning out to be so much fun! I think you guys will love it. The first two books are up for preorder and I’ll tell you about them now 🙂

The Taming of Hermes By SE Babin


Universal Link


In the wet and steamy heat of New Orleans, the gods are awakening.
Romance is blooming, and a lovely, lonely librarian is about to receive a delivery that will change the course of her life.
Tasked to deliver a message to a woman on Earth, Hermes doesn’t want to waste any time. He’s all business. Get in. Get out. Get back to Olympus and his simple life.
But when he sees the dark-haired curvy librarian, Eve, his priorities start to change. Once she opens the message, magic awakens, and Eve is in grave danger.
Hermes has a choice. Save the woman and awaken his heart to love, or leave and return home to his lonely existence.
For him, after seeing those deep Creole eyes and curvy hips, there’s only one choice.


Empire of Lust By Jamie Campbell



Blurb: What happens when the goddess of love and desire can’t have the man she wants?
The mighty Aphrodite has been exiled to earth. Cast out of Olympus by her powerful father, she wonders what is going to become of her and what she must do to redeem herself.
Meeting the sexy next door neighbour, Aphrodite’s powers of seduction are tested to their limits when he refuses all her advances. Why is he putting up barriers and how can she tear them away?
When the mighty goddess can’t get her own way, she will go to any length to make sure her reign remains supreme.


And here’s some FREE books:



SpellCaster Giveaway: Link


Taste of Darkness Giveaway: Link


YA Action Adventure


YA Action/Adventure: Link





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